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Welcome to my Media page. Here you can find publications from different sources about my bodypaintography art, motorcycle accident and recovery to become the passionate and joyful amputee activist artist that I am today.

*Many publications still need to be added and arranged nicely- working on it*

Zurichsee Zeitung 2022


Women In The World, New York. 7.21.15

            You could say that artist Cynthia Fleischmann views the world differently than others. “I’m inspired by so many different environments,” said the Miami-based artist. “Interestingly enough, I visualize a person painted into my surroundings a lot,” she told Women in the World. Fleischmann’s specialty is Bodypaintography, the art of painting nude subjects into landscapes, creating a connection between the two. “It’s really liberating, because at first you’re shy, but once there’s a thin layer of paint on the body, it’s like wearing a leotard and I see such a transformation,” Fleischmann said.

CIRCLE Arts Foundation. 11/2018

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