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Bodypaintography; 'Arabian Horse' in the making. 2012, UAE.  Photo taken by MaryLee Fleischmann


 I started experimenting with painting on a naked person to visually incorporate person into place in 2009. I was 20 back then and I was in my senior year at the University of Miami getting my Bachelor of Arts in Painting. Since I love animals that match their environments via colors and patterns, I wanted to create the same visual and respectful connection that animals have with their environments but with humans. Because the end result was a photograph, I quickly realized I needed to improve my photography to capture the connection I was looking for. In 2011, I was awarded with a full scholarship and Teachers Assistant position for a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography at the University of Miami. 

‘Bodypaintography’ is the word I created to define my art of combining body-painting & photography to create and capture a peaceful connection between person and place /thing. Red hands are my signature and symbol of humanity, connecting us to eachother and our ancestors. They are a reminder that no matter what environment we are personally connected to, we are all connected to each other as humans, with the power to share and love or hate and destroy. The choice is ours. I hope we use our red hands for kindness and compassion over violence and warfare. 

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Live Bodypaintography @ Art Basel / Photo Basel / Volkshaus Courtyard / Basel, Switzerland / June 2018
Painting & Photography by Cynthia Fleischmann



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