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Bold Beauty Project in Miami, 2016 / Portrait by: Starr Sariego 

             My name is Cynthia Fleischmann and I am a Swiss/American activist artist living in Zurich, Switzerland. The projects I am most known for are called 'Bodypaintography' and 'Harmony Strand' where I promote unity & action for humanity and harmony in various artistic ways. I lost my leg in 2015 after being hit by a car on the highway and consider myself and my friend Cathy who I was riding with super lucky to be alive! I was given a second chance at life and I am doing my best to stay positive, live responsibly and create positive change through my lifestyle and art.



Alongside bodypaintography, I write poetry, paint paintings & murals, organize art happenings such as 'Ashes to Ashes; Dust to Dust' and ‘Human Harmony Strand’ at Burning Man events and am creating Harmony Strand Drone Light Shows calling out for Peace and Climate Action for a more Harmonious World.

I am also passionate about Aerial Gondolas as public transportation and created the Miami Aerial Gondola Public Transportation Project to help improve the City of Miami in Florida which was sadly denied. I still believe aerial gondolas are urgently needed in Miami and in growing cities around the world. 


Today I am managing a little gallery, atelier & event space in Zurich, Switzerland called 'MINERVA Atelier & Events' (formerly the Cynthia Fleischmann Gallery). My art happenings & bodypaintography works are on the walls and events take place such as figure drawing, kunda dance, film screenings, live music, dancing, dinners and much more.

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Thank you for your time and appreciation of my work!

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