Women In The World, New York. 7.21.15

            You could say that artist Cynthia Fleischmann views the world differently than others. “I’m inspired by so many different environments,” said the Miami-based artist. “Interestingly enough, I visualize a person painted into my surroundings a lot,” she told Women in the World. Fleischmann’s specialty is Bodypaintography, the art of painting nude subjects into landscapes, creating a connection between the two. “It’s really liberating, because at first you’re shy, but once there’s a thin layer of paint on the body, it’s like wearing a leotard and I see such a transformation,” Fleischmann said.

CIRCLE Arts Foundation. 11/2018

DECO DRIVE Chanel 7 Florida:

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 2.33.52 PM.png

Bold Beauty Project

2016-2017, Miami

Photographer: Starr Sariego

Miami, FL


Beautiful Video by: LaFrance Films